Harmony through elimination

We all do a lot of actions. 98% of the times, subconsciously we expect it to be given back to us, when we particularly help those whom we know, don’t we? Expectancy grows with love, people claim!! and I don’t disagree to it, (even one percent) and that leads to anger, moral disappointment, and at times tears, well is it worth it all? I am not going to begin my claim asking anyone not to love, it is indeed the driver of this world.

You need power, only to do harm!
But to do the good things to the good people, you need only love
-          Dalai Lama

Does it not confuse? We need love as the driver, but when that comes, along with it arises the expectations and with that like a loop, disappointment happens. So, is there a way to get untangled from this vicious loop?

I'm going to tell this. The actions without personal desires will purify the mind and it leads to liberation of the heart. Can any average person possibly achieve it? It requires sheer mental power, but for that mental power to grow: there is a process of self-identification.

In that process, silent meditation is higher than the best devotional praise. Like an unbroken flow of water down the fall, continuous meditation is better than a one which is interrupted. But, it is easier written than to be practiced.

In that journey, you'll want to question your supreme devotion as the mind will not listen to you, and by the power of meditation, you establish your true being by beginning to realize who you are. So, that's the practice of fixing the mind, both subconscious and the conscious along with the heart without doubt or inhibition, a chord must be drawn to connect these three.

When you are able to establish that connect, there rises Yoga. Unless you practice the connection establishment, you'll not be able to perform one asana. If you excel, every complex asana is easy. So what is the Supreme power? Idol worship or ability in aligning the mind and heart through a cosmic power and understanding of nothing but the self?

Can the mind take it all at once? Maybe, But it is not ready. It is not easy either, the moment you try to capture the mind, just like how a bird is caught in a net, your mind begins to flutter. To control it, you must first liberate it, and to liberate it, you have to let it wander and you only try to travel along the way your mind takes you. The path will be really beautiful, but it is not easy to establish either, as the thoughts about you, your self-achievements, and other desires will eat up your mind.

The bundle of thoughts in your mind, about "I", is the purest form of ego. So, ask yourself where did you come from, and where will that "I" go? The self-enquiry will vanish, but that doesn't mean you have to lose self-respect and accept everything around you. So, at that supreme mental status, you will realize, accept, be surprised and there will arise a state of smug when you will find, the creator and this creation are essentially the same.

The apparent differences are due to the differences in form of level of knowledge. So, you being the self is first knowing yourself, establishing a connect with your own inner self, then try for a supreme connect. You'll be surprised both are the same. This being and knowing the self, is abiding in the reality. If one's true self is known, then there is neither birth nor death, but eternal being, and being conscious.

And by the way that's bliss. To live after death, you need to be selfless and that comes and brings the case to the very beginning. Where your actions and your intention to help others, need to be without any personal desires.

This will certainly bring in happiness filled with a balance, harmony and peace and rhythm to your life, but to practice it is only hard. BUT GIVE IT A TRY. CERTAINLY WORTH IT.!


  1. A very thoughtful article! Liberation at its best would be to conquer oneself and travel inward so that ego goes out and the divine will settle-in always, keep writing and keep motivating, God Bless!


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