The Hall of Mirrors: You see you.

In my previous article, on Harmony through elimination,I had mentioned about experiencing oneself and identifying the power and purpose of a human life by abiding to the realities. Having said that, can a human experience God after experiencing the self? If so, is there a way to reach there? The answer lies in front of us – but to understand it, a few more questions need to be answered.

Why does spiritual Men call themselves and fellow humans as temples where God lives and a place where it is be considered and given the respect as a place god lives -?The answer to it is very simple yet deep, just that one needs to observe keenly.

The mythical tales aren't so far away from the reality. Let us discuss about the cosmic sense - me, you and the offspring that is to follow. The divine purpose of a human, both men and women is to create sufficient parts of themselves so that they could know themselves experientially. The only way for the creator to know itself experientially, and that is to create. 

So, any man or women have the same power to create the cosmic power of their offspring with the same power - which they have as the whole together. This is probably my understanding of what religions (all) mean when they say, that we were created in the image and likeness of God.

So, doesn't it give an answer as to why there are a million Gods out there? It is as simple as because there are million humans out there, but be it men or women, we are the same stuff. We are with all the same properties and abilities - including the ability to create physical reality out of thin air.

Ultimately the essence is the same. Just the physical body which is different. Yet men will be men with the same properties and women will be women. If this logic isn't confusing, then God must not be confusing to you. Creator's purpose is to create - probably that's why we call our parents as God.

Does this answer the question of understanding the God? And, as to why few people say God is in you? It is because of the divine purpose. But is it all? Is God – the creator not having any other face other than just a single dimensional work cut out to be done? If I say yes, there will be a million believes shattered – so I will leave it best unanswered.

I concluded the above, with reference to humans as God. But it's limited - not everyone realizes it.

In simple, God does not show goodness by creating only what humans call as perfection, and he doesn't demonstrate love by not letting you demonstrate yours. Nothing that is true that is there - is really there, in the absolute state. You cannot experience in the absolute state, you merely 'know' things.

Example: when you meditate you merely know it than experience. That's called the divine state, but for humans the greatest joy is in 'being', that's why we are called human 'beings', this is possible only after experience.

So, know : divine :: experience : being.

Hence the evolution in terms of God - knowing, experiencing, being. This concept is bigger than the earlier creator and creation, and it must not be confused as father - son or, daughter - mother. It is parent - offspring or that which gives rise to, and that which is risen.

This reality of having the three sides (knowing, experiencing, being) - Should we call it as a Trinity of God? Or God's signature. Now, I'll draw an analogy of it which is recognized in life's subtle relationships by everyone, including you and me. As always the same gets different names.

Religionists call it: father, son, Holy Ghost.

Psychiatrists call it: superconscious, conscious, and sub conscious.

Spiritualists call it: mind, body and spirit.

Scientists see it as: energy, matter and ether.

Philosophers define it as: anything is true only until it is true to you in thought, word and deed.

Come to time it's always: past, present and future.

Now, coming to individuals: the moments in your perception: before, now and after.

So which means we've been experiencing God in his signature all over our life, yet still finding it difficult to accept the mere different forms. So, when you use the understanding in the best way possible, life becomes a self – creative. You will always be doing what you wanted to do, and you will be known for what you have done/ doing. 


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