Smoking is easier than working out.

Ask a person who smokes - will definitely tell you that it ain't healthy but will also continue to say that he/she isn't able to stop it. I always envy the commitment and consistency of those smoking - no heat or cold weather can stop them from doing it. No new place will make them wait until they settle down to have a puff of it. Be it an official travel or an exam - it will certainly find its way into their schedule. That is the kind of addiction needed for something which is healthy. I am here to write about that. 

640 muscles in your body - and it needs attention - Your attention. There will be devils in your head making a voice for itself to tell you the reason that today can be skipped and tomorrow is a good day to workout. I am here deciding to write against that voice, and a way to tackle that voice in your head.

So of late I have started noticing people in my circle - to either start starving in the name of dieting or say "I am too busy and I am unable to find time to work out". However, my focus is only on these two and not on those who are still in the pre- contemplation stage of the importance of working out.

To me - working out with heavy weights for muscle development or running, cycling to shed those extra flab is all not just about fitness but about adopting to a lifestyle. First and foremost it needs a lot of discipline. If you are not disciplined enough, then forget about getting on to this lifestyle. Well, that's a very pessimistic way of giving up straight away. I would suggest - get on to this lifestyle to learn the nuances of being disciplined. There are 4 important aspects which I feel are important to be successful in this lifestyle and to stay disciplined. The ground point here is to have a healthy routine every morning and if you look at the lifestyle of every successful person, they would have a healthy routine to start their day,  and it can be anything. However, the above mentioned four points are  -

1.      Sleeping at the right time - peacefully.

The goal here is simple - To think in the morning, act through out the day and sleep in the night. Majority of the people who are supposed to be spending a lot of time in making themselves better than they were - are only probably reading about these in the internet and that is definitely not going to help at all. One must definitely have a peaceful sleep for 7 hours. Splitting it - the initial two hours is for the muscles and the brain to get into the sleeping phase, the next 3 hours is for the muscles and the brain to go to the deep sleep phase also when, the body digests the food taken and the last 2 hours is for the body and mind to revive back to conscious stage and the waste is ready to be secreted.

The Problem which might look very simple to many people out there is, when the sleep is supposed to be deep at the hour of the night is when most of us hit the bed - which is something absolutely unacceptable. This is the mother of all problems. Only when this happens as it is supposed to be - your metabolism is going to be correct in the longer run, as the cycle is important for digestion as well.

2.  Eating the right food - right quantity and quality.

Having butter or ghee is not a problem at all, but having processed food and over eating is the problem. On an average people take in close to 60 kilos of sugar in different forms in one year. Mostly - refined sugar. Jam, aerated drinks, chocolates and sweets. That doesn't mean you shouldn't have any of these - but as in a controlled way. Packaged, processed, canned and tinned food is what we must all avoid at any cost. In terms of having the right mix of nutrition - I'd suggest to trying to take in the right mixture of everything. Avoiding carbohydrates every time is not a good idea - at least something that I follow and find it really helping. A lot of green vegetables will help. 

3.       Right posture- don't be lazy.

Something that I have realized myself and also observed over the years among my friends and which according to me are potentially damaging patterns - is not having the right posture in the way we sit, we walk or even sleep. The aim here is to ensure the back bone is straight and given the fact that most of the chairs at work place these days are those - comfortable revolving ones, take time to realize it yourself that not everything that is comfortable is healthy.

Everything you do now can cause ripples outward and affect everyone. Your posture can shine your heart or transmit anxiety. Your breathe can radiate love or muddy the room in depression.

Working out is not easy and it does take the psyche to have a strong motivation to get off that bed and start shedding those flabs. You must have grown up from an young age having been taught the importance of being fit and active - and it must be in your personality. I am sure 95% of the people who are either regular or irregular to working out, (by saying irregular - I meant working out at least 3 times a week) are those who have had super cool dads who taught them as a child - the importance of either yoga/workout.

Now - the good news to those who haven't been exposed to such while growing up - is that it is possible even for you guys. All that is needed is to listen to that voice of defiance and to the voice in your mind which for some reason told you that it is possible for you to get up early and beat those odds and workout.

4.        Healthy mindset - a positive vibe.

Everyday in my opinion is supposed to begin with a positive attitude and with an action plan. You must know what is that you have as a work just when you break from your sleep - which is why I earlier mentioned that it is important to have a healthy morning routine. This will certainly help in not trying to hit the snooze button or asking for those 2 extra minutes of sleep and when you wake up, take a second to appreciate the privilege to be simply alive and healthy.

"Life is between B and D - which is nothing but between birth and death.
Fortunately, between them is C -which is your Choice.
Make it a Healthy Choice".


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