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In my previous article, I had written about my travel and the experiences it gave me. It was more or less specific to my travel in the metro, but this is an extension to that but this is not about the journey anymore. This was truly a learning curve and an experience which I will cherish forever.

When I say an experience with a learning curve, this time around it was not only a learning curve for me, but for at least 70 other people. To begin with I must thank my colleague and “tu mera bhai” Tarun, for giving me the opportunity to deliver an extemporaneous speech to the final year engineering lads at GNIOT campus, before their placement. It was one dream that came true to deliver a speech but little did I expect it would happen so soon.

At the end of the day when offers were rolled out, one guy who had an offer, walked up to me and thanked me for that speech which he felt was motivating. It was an absolute honor and will be proud of it for the rest of my life.

These were a bunch of students from PAN India who were there waiting to be hired by a company called, and not to my surprise the curiosity levels were top notch, and when I was asked to speak while I was not prepared even one bit, I wanted to buy time and threw them a question of what was that they were expecting to hear and one guy put his hand up and asked me what will it take to get a job anywhere and anytime in life and it was not specific to the company which had come. It really intrigued me.

So I gave them the following, so just wanted to share it with you all:


First and foremost it is the content in what we do, will give us the right value. This is as important as the core product level being there. Until an AC can give you the cooling and comfort, would you prefer to use it? In the same way, a work without content is in my terms pure GAS which is of no use to anyone, except that it irritates and eats the time of the listener or the person in the receiving end. 

Get the basics right.

A person who does not have the content and chooses to talk, or write will only be doing it without knowing where to end. As similar as running in a subway surfer game, not knowing when to stop and more importantly, not knowing the destination.

On the other hand, People long to listen to learned people talk. The challenge is to make it simple, inviting, memorable and presentable.



In the next rung lies the clarity. While content is like the oxygen inside the tank, a patient would still need a mask to make use of that oxygen, and here the clarity is the “mask”.

Unless you are able to communicate or articulate the thought process in a lucid way the content has got no value.

But, let me tell you,-  this clarity, though which sounds so simple is not going to be as easy to imbibe. It needs some deeper understanding, and I will explain why.

Answer me, whether you have a clarity on what is that you clearly need now? I presume you don’t!  Even If you claim to have an answer, it will be your ego’s desire and not what you actually need. So, when you eliminate the ego’s intense desire to be correct, the clarity of the moment will arise and you can come through and this is only the beginning. It comes from knowing what you want, and moving in the direction of it.

Clarity in simple terms is the basis for something as big as leadership, until you are having the clarity you might not have the direction, without which you will not be able to motivate, or get motivated, but the beauty about the design of human life is that, without this clarity you will definitely not achieve what you have set out to, in turn the disappointment will give you the clarity leading to conviction and originality.

Clarity comes when you let it to blossom in your brain. In your heart. In your soul.
Which makes it really important that you need time for yourself to think and engage your own mind within you, and not just expect it to come as a thought process. Clarity is completely different from the thought process.

Content and clarity are two important functions which needs to go hand in hand.


No matter what any person does on this planet, everyone plays a central role in this universe, and hardly does anyone realize that”
-Paulo Coelho

In this section, I will touch upon two aspects – opportunities and preparations.

Just as how Content and clarity needs to go hand in hand, these are two other functions which needs to be on the same plate in equal proportions.

Success for anyone, no matter whichever field they are in, will happen only when the opportunities meet preparation or the other way.

If at any case, one comes up and the other is not 100% ready to welcome it – do you think there can be success?

So, while preparation is in your hands, to look for opportunities is to have the situational awareness of what is around you, which is nothing but the cognizance.


Confidence, here means the self-confidence.

Simple, five steps to stay confident:

1.       Stop comparing and stay focused.
2.       Relax, and stop wasting time on little flutters.
3.       Love yourself, for you are a gift and nothing is going to be the same if you did not exist.
4.       Be positive and look for a positive in every situation.
5.       DO WHAT YOU LOVE.

Now, why are these simple things so important? Many a time people confuse between arrogance, and confidence. The one who is louder seems to be confident. Remember, only insecurities are loud.
The next myth is, saying - until one has the answers to all the questions confidence is a question mark, but the truth is confidence is all about the willingness to face the questions.

Just feel confident, you will certainly not know all the answers, just be prepared to accept that- ENOUGH, but also be ready to accept and learn.


Innovation is the Key to success. I think Steve jobs mantra was that, and I am no one to stress anything more on it. It just helps you stay ahead of the competition.

In this case, the biggest challenge is the fear of failure, - just overcome it. No use wasting time on useless unproductive emotions.


While you follow all the above, automatically an aura is built around you and your presence will be felt.

In case, at any point you feel that charisma is missing in your character, and the way you are – re check the above points and set right something which will be skewed.

This is more of mapping the above:-

Even If one connection is missing, then the concept goes for a toss. 


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