Why Patanjali Atta noodles will flop?

I woke up to the news about Baba Ramdev in TOI, about how he has challenged Nike, and other companies which got me curious about what is his leverage, and WOW, I find the news of, patanjali being a competitor for nestle Maggi in the market.
I read a few user reviews, and articles regarding that product, and how it was near-similar yet, not as same as the legendary nestle Maggi. I still feel it is only going to get a lukewarm response, especially at the hour where FSSAI has moved to the SC challenging and terming the High Court's August 13 order as "erroneous" and questioned the sanctity of the samples provided for re-test to government-approved labs -

Hostel students- for one, will welcome it and will any day prefer nestle over patanjali. Man, the brand naming has itself gone for a toss. For one, this product is not consumed by health conscious middle aged men, but happy- go lucky –time bound college students and always busy IT employees, and newlywed and both working married couples, and between the two brands, naming does play a role and in this case, NESTLE vs PATANJALI. I leave the decision to you. Their decision to increase their product width, under the same brand name, will definitely not be received by this target audience, especially with Maggi being back. Other names, for their products such as shishu care, saundarya also doesn’t reach the target audience to the magnitude of their expectation.  

The timing of the launch of this product is skewed just when nestle is back to the shelves, given the fact the product itself didn't taste bad though not up to Maggi. If they had launched just when the ban was imposed, maybe the product would have had the reach as the target audience, being deprived of something very close to them would have resorted to alternatives, and would have got accustomed to the new taste. BUT What were they doing all along??


The product pricing which is rs. 10 lesser than their competitors might play well, owing to the fact many retailers will want to stock it up, though I don’t find this as a strong point of difference to stand against the mighty nestle, but still an edge is still an edge. Adding that its noodles are based on rice bran oil and not palm oil which other manufacturers uses. Can these weak differences stand against nestle? Will they be able to reach their target of hitting one million stores? But, ultimately at the end of the day, human mind is like a monkey- let’s see if it is jumping from tree, to tree. My gut feeling says no.



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